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Morons on wheels

According to scanner reports, a pair of youngsters has been driving eastbound at 80 mph through the road construction area near Medina, N.D., and throwing firecrackers out their windows. I’m sure they’ll have a really good story to tell the … Continue reading

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Worth repeating: Teenage Mutant Ninja ___________

"No turtle soup for you" -One Jamestown law enforcement official to another after he’d been called to the Interstate 94 interchange on the east side of Jamestown where he could not find a turtle crossing the highway that a passing driver had reported.

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Worth repeating

"Shoot him" -A Sun staff member — who will go unnamed — making a wisecrack after police were dispatched to deal with an unruly child who was causing some property damage.

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Worth repeating

"Anyone want to start a betting pool?" "Odds aren’t good enough." -two officers of the law in the Jamestown area after a person was warned to expect consequences if he or she caused any more disturbances tonight (assuming I understood … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: May the (police) force be with you

"They finally get to use the lightsaber." -police officer over scanner talking about I don’t know what. If any of you readers do know, please inform us in the comments section. Update: Commenter Mugshot_1794 said I got the quote wrong … Continue reading

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Worth repeating: A nice philosophy

"We live to be bothered." -overheard from scanner conversation

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Worth Repeating: Poor raccoon

"The raccoon was tased. Twice." -local law enforcement officer after responding to an animal call

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Worth repeating

"I’ve been feeling so fine, yeah…" -Marvin Gaye, singing over the scanner for a brief moment.

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Worth repeating: Rubberneckers

"Don’t these people have something to do?" -Overheard over scanner after a report of sightseers causing trouble for flood-fighting efforts

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Worth repeating

"I guess we missed the memo." "Yeah, you and me both." -two Jamestown law enforcement officials discussing over the radio a change of policy regarding the North Dakota State Hospital that they had not been aware of until then.

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