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Storm video from Saturday night (lots of lightning)

There’s a big storm north of Jamestown right now. I posted a video of the lightning as seen from southwest Jamestown. This link should take you there. I’ll also try to embed it below. It’s not as easy as usual … Continue reading

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Storm photos

My friend Rick Bohn sent me these photos of the storm that rolled through his area Sunday near Woodworth, N.D. They are panoramic images created by taking several shots while panning the camera, then stitching them together on a computer … Continue reading

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Accidental rain gauge

I left this glass outside on the table Monday evening. It was empty at the time, but after Tuesday’s rain showers, look how much water it had in it.

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Storm chasers in the Jamestown area?

I spotted this Chevrolet SUV in a local parking lot Sunday evening. According to the decals, it belongs to some storm spotters. Also, note the Oklahoma plate. It reminded me of a lot of late springs/early summers in Kansas when … Continue reading

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Some good signs

I saw what seemed like good signs of warmer weather this evening while I was doing my shift at the JRHS shelter and on my way home: -saw a ton of seagulls flying overhead. Also, several flocks of Canada geese. … Continue reading

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A weather conversation

Had a little online conversation with my brother today about the weather. Drew lives in Kansas City, where they’re expecting as much as a foot of snow this week. I sent him a note saying good luck with the weather … Continue reading

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Reader photo: A bit of winter fun

The person who sent me these photos asked me not to share the names of any of the people involved. All I’ll say is that the above photo is a home in Wimbledon, N.D., that someone other than the homeowners … Continue reading

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Get ready for even more snow

You might be noticing the storm forecasts on our website right now. It looks like Jamestown is to get a pair of winter storm over the next two days — just in time for New Year’s Eve. Just be sure … Continue reading

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The highways are not a friendly place right now

I just got back to Jamestown about an hour ago after a mid-morning run to Fargo for a family errand. I would not recommend the same to anyone else. I left this morning a little after 7 and made it … Continue reading

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Worth repeating: Snow estimate

“A whole bunch.” -unnamed Jamestown-area law enforcement officer, when asked for latest snow measurement over the radio.

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