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NDSU Extension explains how to plug your drains

There is an elevated risk at the moment of sewer backups in Jamestown. As such, residents are being advised to reduce water use and plug floor drains. If you need to know about how to do that, watch this video … Continue reading

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An impromtu boat ramp in McElroy Park

I happened upon this scene last night while out for a bike ride in McElroy Park. Someone backed this pickup, trailer and (I assume) some sort of water-going vessel into the James River. The trailers seemed like the size you … Continue reading

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See readings of the James River level in Jamestown

I suppose now’s a good time to point out that I have a link on this page that takes you to a National Weather Service page with the latest readings of the James River’s level here in Jamestown. The link, … Continue reading

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Release predictions look good for Jamestown

It’s only an early prediction, but today’s release estimate from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made me let out and even-larger sigh of relief as I am now one of those Jamestown residents who lives in a house by … Continue reading

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This ain’t nothing money can’t replace

 You ever feel like the walls are falling in on you? This is what I found when I came home from work for dinner Tuesday night. The story and news of a special moving sale can be found after the … Continue reading

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Traffic trouble in Jamestown

I was out taking photos of the aftermath of today’s thunderstorms in Jamestown today when I shot this video of Third Street Southeast covered in water. It’s not the best camerawork, but it’s still interesting to watch. Note how some … Continue reading

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Spotligt in the Sun: Flood briefing

I meant to post this earlier, but I plum forgot. Here’s Stutsman County Emergency Manager Jerry Bergquist speaking about the newest developments in the 2010 flood fight and the lucky break Jamestown seems to have received. It’s got a lot of good … Continue reading

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See where the rivers are

With river levels rising in the area, you might want to keep tabs on how high the levels are getting. The National Weather Service has just the Web site for that. The NWS keeps track of river levels at this Web … Continue reading

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Tough news

The Army Corps of Engineers has issued a new water release forecast for the Jamestown area. The news is not good. Two things come to mind: 1. Jamestown is going to beat this. 2. I am very glad my arms … Continue reading

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A water thought experiment

Imagine a massive tube, 235.5 feet across, that starts in Jamestown. This tube goes 99 miles long straight east, into Fargo, across the Red River and into Moorhead, Minn., where it ends. Now, in your mind, fill that tube with … Continue reading

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