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Law & Order: Jamestown

My fiancée has had some trouble in her garage with a mouse getting into the birdseed and making a mess. So we put in some poison and discovered tonight it had been effective. Morgan disposed of the deceased, but first … Continue reading

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Storm photos

My friend Rick Bohn sent me these photos of the storm that rolled through his area Sunday near Woodworth, N.D. They are panoramic images created by taking several shots while panning the camera, then stitching them together on a computer … Continue reading

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Check out my fireworks photos

I shot a bunch of photos of the fireworks Saturday night out at Jamestown Reservoir. See, here’s one of them. You can see a big gallery of my best shots by clicking this link.

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Accidental rain gauge

I left this glass outside on the table Monday evening. It was empty at the time, but after Tuesday’s rain showers, look how much water it had in it.

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Time for gardening

Here’s a test of this posting app I’m trying. There should be a photo above that shows some flowers my awesome fiancée and I planted this weekend. How about you? Is your garden planted yet? Are you doing one?

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A dirty, filthy, happy truck

Sun Chief Photographer John M. Steiner was out and about in the country Tuesday getting pictures of water-saturated roads. This is what his pickup looked like as a result: Clearly, that truck had some fun.

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Neighbors with the Arts Center

The Jamestown Arts Center’s main building is undergoing renovation this summer, so the staff of the center has relocated to across the street from The Jamestown Sun in the former Daktel building. I dropped by their office to run an … Continue reading

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An impromtu boat ramp in McElroy Park

I happened upon this scene last night while out for a bike ride in McElroy Park. Someone backed this pickup, trailer and (I assume) some sort of water-going vessel into the James River. The trailers seemed like the size you … Continue reading

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River pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of what the James River looks like near where I live. This morning, it looked pretty much like this, only really cloudy and rainy. The river is down a bit from where it was … Continue reading

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Some North Dakota landscapes

People who don’t know any better like to joke that North Dakota is just some flat wasteland with no beauty to be beheld. With tough winters that cover everything in a blanket of grey for a good part of the … Continue reading

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