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Tallgrass beer arrives in Jamestown

I got a tour of Valley Sales in Jamestown this morning where I was excited to learn that a shipment of beers had arrived from Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kan. Boss Greg Spenningsby showed me their pallets and kegs of the … Continue reading

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Column: It’s up to you to preserve the stories of your family

This column was originally published Dec. 23, 2010, in The Jamestown Sun. This weekend, families across much of the world will come together to celebrate the holidays. They’ll share much over the holiday, including food, gifts and stories. The food … Continue reading

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Song worth sharing: When I get where I’m going

Some time today, a truly great man will be laid to rest in a small cemetery outside of Newbury, Kan. His name is Joe Glotzbach, and he was a father, teacher, mentor, Scout leader, church leader and friend. The number … Continue reading

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The cuisine of the Great Plains

Some folks at my alma mater, Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan., have launched an interesting website dedicated to studying the foods of Kansas and the rest of the Great Plains, which includes all of North Dakota. The website is called … Continue reading

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Back to blogging

All right, sabbatical is over. Time to post something. I’ll start with a joke my brother Drew shared with me, referring to a certain game last week: Q. If it if 2:54 in Fargo, N.D., what time is it in … Continue reading

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My great, big family

A few weeks ago, I went back to Kansas to attend my grandmother’s funeral and see my family. And, my oh my, what a family I have. You see, my mother is the second-youngest of 12 children born to Yvo … Continue reading

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Back in North Dakota

I got back to Jamestown last night around 6:45 p.m. I took a different route this time, taking N.D. Highway 46 east from Interstate 29 and then coming north on U.S. Highway 281. It was very interesting. Some notes on what happened … Continue reading

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My grandfather, Yvo Ralph Ebert, served in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Above is a picture of the brick bearing his name at the Fort Seward Veterans Memorial. Grandpa Ebert came back, married and had 12 children, including my … Continue reading

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Time to go

I’m heading back to Kansas this weekend to see my family and attend five — count ’em, five — graduations. Posts will be sparse in the meantime, but I have programmed a Food Fight post for Monday morning, so you’ve … Continue reading

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Google, Kansas? Yeah, You betcha!

I grew up an hour’s drive from a city known at the time as Topeka, Kan. That city, it seems, has changed its name to "Google, Kan.," in the hope of attracting ultra-high-speed Internet access from Google. For those of you not familiar … Continue reading

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