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North Dakota on Fark: Shooting the urinal

The big news aggregator Fark.com picked up this North Dakota story of a man arrested for shooting a urinal with a handgun. It posted it under the headline “Even in North Dakota, it is illegal to shoot an unarmed urinal.” … Continue reading

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North Dakota on Fark today

The great news aggregator Fark.com linked to this Newsweek article today, which informs the rest of the country that we’re doing just fine up here, thank you very much. Here’s the Fark headline: Tech boom in Fargo? Energy industry growing … Continue reading

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N.D. on Fark twice in one day

Normally, it seems North Dakota gets mentioned on my favorite news aggregator, FARK.com, about once every few weeks. Today, it’s been mentioned twice. The first was for this AP story, which was in our newspaper today, about a Florida family … Continue reading

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N.D. on FARK again

This story about Grand Forks’s official printed calendar missing a day got linked to this evening on my favorite news aggregator, FARK.com. Here is the same story on The Sun’s Web site. Here is the headline FARK used: North Dakota … Continue reading

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Fark is having fun at our expense

There’s a conversation going on right now on the news aggregator FARK.com over our cold weather as of late, and they’re having some fun at our expense. The headline they’re using: Fahrenheit -52: the temperature at which North Dakota becomes interesting … Continue reading

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Mistakes happen

Mistakes happen in newspapers. It’s a fact of life. But some mistakes are worse than others, and some mistakes get more attention than others. For example, this image of a page from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead from last weekend has … Continue reading

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N.D. Dog inspires awesome Fark thread

We ran this story about this massive North Dakota dog in Thursday’s newspaper, but then the news aggregator Fark.com got ahold of it through Google and that led to something of an epic thread that you should read. It included … Continue reading

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Fark fails at mocking North Dakota

FARK.com, one of the most popular news aggregators in the world, linked to a story about North Dakota today. They tried to make fun of the state, but they failed on two levels: They misspelled the name of our capital … Continue reading

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Good advice

I just found this item (LINK HERE) through FARK.com, but I’m posting it here because it’s really worth reading. It’s a Q&A for religious leaders for dealing with the news media, but it really could be helpful to anyone who has to … Continue reading

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Fark posts story on LaMoure County flooding, starts grammar flame war

FARK.com, the massive news aggregator, posted a link to this story on flooding south of here. Here is the headline it published: North Dakota National Guard reinforces dam near LaMoure last night. After midnight, using one-ton sandbags brought in with … Continue reading

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