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The highways are not a friendly place right now

I just got back to Jamestown about an hour ago after a mid-morning run to Fargo for a family errand. I would not recommend the same to anyone else. I left this morning a little after 7 and made it … Continue reading

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Build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium … in North Dakota!

The collapse of the roof of the HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis over the weekend has shined more light on the long-raging debate over building a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings football team. The problem is, new stadiums are expensive and Minnesota … Continue reading

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Tribune’s series visits various N.D. cities

The Bismarck Tribune did a little three-part series this week on the various cities of North Dakota and how they’re all changing and growing. You can read the articles on their website. Sunday’s story on Bismarck area Monday’s story on Fargo … Continue reading

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North Dakota on Fark today

The great news aggregator Fark.com linked to this Newsweek article today, which informs the rest of the country that we’re doing just fine up here, thank you very much. Here’s the Fark headline: Tech boom in Fargo? Energy industry growing … Continue reading

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Jewel’s ode to Fargo-Moorhead

Folk/Pop singer Jewel performed a new song Tuesday night at the Fargo Theatre that expressed her love for the Fargo-Moorhead area and gave the audience a few good laughs. Here’s a fan’s video of the performance:

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Welcome, Shane Mercer

If you look on the right-hand side of my blog, you’ll see the "Blogs I Read" section has a new name. "Everything else by Forum Reporter J. Shane Mercer" is now among those blogs. Mercer, you might have guessed, is … Continue reading

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Time to go to NDNA

I’m leaving soon for the 2010 North Dakota Newspaper Association convention in Fargo. I might be blogging from there and posting pictures, but then, I might not. Depends on time and access to Internet. I got my car back on Tuesday evening … Continue reading

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Images of the 2010 Runnin O’ the Green

All right everyone, here it is: my collection of bonus photos from this year’s Runnin O’ the Green. Yeah, it’s been more than a week since the run, but I was busy. OK, here we go. First off, naturally, is the … Continue reading

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Post for the sake of posting

So I’m about to start myself a 3-day weekend. That means no work. Ideally. Maybe I’ll post, maybe I won’t. All I know is that I’m going to Fargo Saturday to see the new Harry Potter film, and on a … Continue reading

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Maple River Winery

I got this press release earlier this week for Maple River Winery in Casselton, N.D. It won’t be in the paper because it’s outside our readership area, but I’m curious about the place. If you’ve ever tried their products, let … Continue reading

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