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Do you want property tax reform?

I’m trying to put together a column on how Measure 2 and how, even though it was defeated, it really tapped into a strong vein in North Dakota in that lots of people feel they either, A- Property taxes are … Continue reading

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Remember me?

You may be wondering where the hell I’ve been. Almost nine months ago, I stopped blogging. I was simply burned out and could not bring myself to make another post, so I just let this blog sit. Every once in … Continue reading

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Last day of singleness

So, holy cow, I’m getting married tomorrow. I’m looking forward to being married to the love of my life. But the wedding is making me nervous as hell. Anyway, wish me luck.

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Go to Fort Ransom this weekend

The Sheyenne Valley Arts and Crafts Festival returns for its 44th year this weekend. This is an awesome festival and Fort Ransom is one of my favorites in all of North Dakota. Here’s the details from the SVACA: The Sheyenne Valley … Continue reading

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Studies give some insight into making decisions, will power and the mind

You may have noticed my blogging has fallen off lately. “Off a cliff” is more like it, I suppose. The reason for this is my life has been especially demanding lately thanks to family issues, wedding planning, other personal issues … Continue reading

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Benefit Friday for Wayne Fylling of Jamestown

A benefit for firefighter and veteran Wayne Fylling, Jamestown, will begin at 5 p.m. July 29 at the All Vets Club, 116B First St. E. The benefit is being sponsored by the club, local firefighters and the North Dakota National … Continue reading

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Storm video from Saturday night (lots of lightning)

There’s a big storm north of Jamestown right now. I posted a video of the lightning as seen from southwest Jamestown. This link should take you there. I’ll also try to embed it below. It’s not as easy as usual … Continue reading

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Law & Order: Jamestown

My fiancée has had some trouble in her garage with a mouse getting into the birdseed and making a mess. So we put in some poison and discovered tonight it had been effective. Morgan disposed of the deceased, but first … Continue reading

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UPDATED: It’s almost like prohibition is slowly returning to Minnesota

It looks like a new unseen consequence of Minnesota’s government shutdown has appeared: many bars, restaurants and stores across the state are running out of alcohol. According to the Minneapolis StarTribune: In the days leading up to the shutdown, thousands … Continue reading

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Storm photos

My friend Rick Bohn sent me these photos of the storm that rolled through his area Sunday near Woodworth, N.D. They are panoramic images created by taking several shots while panning the camera, then stitching them together on a computer … Continue reading

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