Time for gardening


Here’s a test of this posting app I’m trying. There should be a photo above that shows some flowers my awesome fiancée and I planted this weekend.

How about you? Is your garden planted yet? Are you doing one?

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2 Responses to Time for gardening

  1. chiefsleepyeye says:

    Yep…I have a wonderful crop of dandelions and crabgrass…need any?

  2. Sally Jeppson says:

    Looks like your posting app is working.
    Yes, the garden is planted! I have a unique watering system – high water made our small stock pond a “major” lake – so I now have a waterfront garden. This may or may not be good…but even in the 90 degree weather I didn’t need to water as the plants are fed from below. And so far the “critter” fence is working. Looking forward to the first harvest.