Anyone spotting some wildlife?

There were three Canada geese just outside my door this morning. One of them was a breeding pair with six goslings. They stood guard over their young and watching me closely as I got out my camera for some pictures.

When I got too close, they moved the goslings into the water for safety and waited until I backed off to come back on land. I got some lovely, adorable photos of them and there should be one or two in Thursday’s newspaper.

The river has been full of avian beauty this spring. There are a pair of wood ducks in our area that I expect to produce some ducklings, and I’ve also seen some [pairs mallards farther down the river.

So I’m expecting plenty more baby birds in the neighborhood.

Our birdfeeder is also getting plenty of visitors. There are dozens upon dozens of songbirds that come by for meals every day, plus lots of grackles and robins. The local squirrels also like to go on birdseed raids, and there have been muskrats in the water lately, too.

It’s been really nice this spring to be able to see so many lovely creatures outside. I like sitting out on the deck and watching the river go by.

What about you? Anyone else out there seeing some interesting wildlife in their neighborhood?

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