Somehow, I’m ahead of a trend

According to The New York Times, manual typewriters are making a comeback among urban twentysomethings.

I think this is rather cool, as I own four manual typewriters. One of them works.

On my desk here at The Sun is a 1942 Corona Standard portable typewriter. I found it about 7 years ago in a Kansas antique shop, cleaned it up and got it running again. I used it in college for a few assignments and at my college paper for filling out story assignment forms in with double and triple carbon paper.

I love standard typewriters because of their brilliant, genius mechanical design and because of their incredible difficulty. If the power goes out, computing gets rather difficult, even if you’ve got one of these. But as long as I have my Corona, no power outage can stop me from writing.

There’s also the joy of writing on a typewriter, and the challenge. I need to get back to using it more often.

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One Response to Somehow, I’m ahead of a trend

  1. Yvonne McDonald says:

    Finally…folks are coming around.. to my way of thinking! I love my desk pc and laptop..but also have an Olympia Standard and an Olympia portable (had them for more years than I care to admit…). I use one or both of them every day, they are like faithful old friends and faster than any pc when it comes to typing filecards,envelopes,short notes,etc. And on the rare occasions when the power goes out, they stand by me, faithful to the end:-)