Want to get stranded far from home? Then you’re in luck!

It looks like we might be able to test the average North Dakotan’s memory this week as a nasty storm is expected to roll in over the next two days.

In Jamestown, we’re expecting 10 inches of snow that could add an additional inch of moisture to the ground along with strong winds, followed by some cold temperatures.

Please think back to the storm just over a week ago that trapped more than 800 people in the state. Also, remember the New Year’s Blizzard that shut down travel pretty much statewide?

If you must travel, get it done today because it looks like Tuesday and Wednesday might be out of the question. If you know anyone who plans on traveling on those days, be a buddy and make sure they know what to expect.

And if the state issues a no-travel advisory, for the love of pete, try not to travel.

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2 Responses to Want to get stranded far from home? Then you’re in luck!

  1. Chip says:

    Getting stranded in a blizzard is no joking matter. I know you didn’t mean it that way, Logan, but this blog’s title seemed condescending towards the reader. Many places in North Dakota did not receive the forecast amount of precipitation the latest storm system produced. Frankly sometimes the weathermen don’t earn their heeds to take cover either. I can remember countless times when the forecast has been blown (inaccurate). Certainly it’s important for people to make decisions siding on safety for themselves and those with the responsibility of protecting others when disasters strike. But let’s not be staunch.