Food Fight: Eating on the Run(in O’ the Green)

Last week, commenter Blake suggested that we should do a Food Fight on all the food vendors that were set up for the Runnin O’ the Green.

Well, Blake, you convinced me. Here is a chance for all you folks who went on the run Saturday to speak your mind on the dining opportunities available to folks as they were making their way from bar to bar or were set up next to bars.

You’re welcome to write about one or some or all the vendors you tried, and please be sure to include lots of detail about which one you’re commenting on and where they were located (if you can remember,  that is).

Also, while you’re at it, how did you enjoy the 33rd Runnin O’ the Green.

Side note: To the kind man who offered me a beer on the hill while I was taking pictures for today’s newspaper, I want to say thanks. That was very generous of you, but I was on duty.

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One Response to Food Fight: Eating on the Run(in O’ the Green)

  1. Katie says:

    Well when I was on the Run I REALLY wanted a Taco from the Italian Taco stand… especially a Taco in a Bag. However, I was not about to cough up $6.50. Now, I know any drunk person probably would have paid this, but this price was EXTREME. So I went to Hardees. :) Anywho, all the food at Shady’s and whatnot smelled fabulous and had very good prices! I think they should be around next year also! Minus the expensive Tacos!