Now is a good time to stay the hell home

We’ve got ourselves a March blizzard folks. The weather started out nice this morning but now it just plain sucks.

Interstate 94 is closed from Jamestown to Dickinson. There is a multiple-car pileup about 2 miles west of Cleveland on I-94 and it looks like several people are injured. This storm is causing whiteout conditions west of Jamestown and travel is simply unsafe right now.

Stay home. Please.

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3 Responses to Now is a good time to stay the hell home

  1. Jake says:

    I just got home after bein stuck trying to get home from church. It is not good out there and one thing is for sure – God isnt helping at all!!! I’m sure not impressed with Him right now!

  2. Mark Kartes says:

    Amen, and the schools who don’t let out their students in time to get home should be ashamed of themselves,

  3. Way to go Logan, let out the H-E double hockey sticks!