Food Fight: Friends Bar & Grill/Streeter Cafe

By special request, we’re doing a review of the Friends Bar & Grill and Streeter Cafe in Streeter, N.D., this week.

We’re now doing reviews of any restaurant in the area around Jamestown. If it’s within 50 miles or so, it’s eligible. All you have to do is request it, either in the comments or by e-mailing me at

So, if you’ve ever eaten at either of these establishments, please share in the comments. We want to know about food quality, prices, service, decor and anything else you want to add.

By the way, anyone who has been reading this blog for a really long time might remember me writing about this particular establishment before. I keep meaning to go back. I really should.

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One Response to Food Fight: Friends Bar & Grill/Streeter Cafe

  1. Mandy Kartes says:

    You should definitely check out the Farmer’s Cafe in Dickey, ND. They have a fantastic steak night that typicaly occurs one Saturday of the month. It gets really full because of the delicious steak & amazing salad bar to go with it. I am originally from Dickey and now live in Fargo & I always try to time my trips home with Steak Night at the Farmer’s Cafe because the food is amazing & it brings out everyone in the area – including family I have that lives in Jamestown. Definitely worth the drive & worth your time. Yum! :)