Food Fight: Anchor Bar

A commenter pointed out last week that I should have the Anchor Bar as one of the places reviewed in Food Fight, so here it is.

Readers, what’s your experience of the Anchor Bar? What do they have for food and drink? Are the prices fair? What else can you say about the place?

Hit the comments to speak your mind.

Also, here’s the great big list of restaurants that have been featured in Food Fight. I think we’ve used up all the eateries in town, so now it’s time to expand. Any suggestions for places to eat in nearby towns? I’m open to anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Jamestown.

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9 Responses to Food Fight: Anchor Bar

  1. I haven’t had the pleasure of eating at the Anchor Bar, but I’ve had the experience of having a drink there once or twice. It isn’t a place for sissies, Logan. We had a hispanic gentleman with us when we entered and definitely received a few cold stares. I later broke up the ensuing fight. I’d venture the serve Pizza Corner Pizza and french fries. But I haven’t done any further investigations.

  2. Julie says:

    Love the Anchor. Nothing better than a small town bar. Not sure if they will continue this tradition, but in the past they have had free burgers and fries every other Friday in the Summer.
    Good drinks, great people!

  3. Lucas Dockter says:

    I would suggest checking out Friends bar and grill in streeter. The town of 150 built a new facility in 2004. The food is amazing!

  4. MWensman says:

    I haven’t been out there in quite some time. If you do find yourself there, be sure to ask for the “glory hole” special. You won’t regret it.

    They also have fantastic food all around – but bring cash, they don’t have the means to accept other payments. You can also call in advance to see if you can bring your own microwavable dishes, I used to do this to save money in the past.

    This is probably the best place to go if you want to hear a dirty joke as well.

  5. blake says:

    I rather liked the place before it became an inconvenience to get out there. I usually hit it up before the fair in the summer. Excellent wings and roasted peanuts and you throw the shells right on the floor!