North Dakota/South Dakota rivalry?

So actress January Jones, who is from South Dakota, was on the Daily Show last night and informed the audience about life in South Dakota and the rivalry between the two states.

Here’s the video, which I found on The Forum’s website. She comes in after the 20-minute mark.

This whole South Dakota/North Dakota Rivalry is news to me. I’ve never heard anyone talk about our neighbor to the south in language that compares to the rivalry Kansas has with just about every state it borders. Maybe rivalries are just a whole lot nicer up here.

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One Response to North Dakota/South Dakota rivalry?

  1. Laurel says:

    I’ll have to watch the video when I have time later. There is some rivalry between North and South Dakota, but it is more of a teasing thing than a real rivalry. It’s ironic that January Jones, who has been called a Hitchcock actress (beautiful but cold) would try to build up the rivalry!