Worth repeating: Wise words from Edgar Ulmer

To my knowledge, The Jamestown Sun is one of the few newspapers of its size that still runs free obituaries. I’m glad for that because it provides a valuable public service and because, whenever our community loses a member, it’s newsworthy.

However, to keep these obituaries from getting too long fit on the page, we have to enforce certain rules about what goes in them and what does not. This means that certain things must be omitted. From time to time, this means I have to remove something from an obituary even though I’d really like to print it.

That’s what happened last night with the obituary for Edgar D. Ulmer. His obituary said he was known for handing out words of wisdom in his famous “Edgarisms” and included a pair of quotes from him that are really too good for me not to share, so here they are.

First, there was a line he said about his varied career, which included endeavors in ranching, custom crop spraying, antique and machinery dealing, cattle leasing, trapping, fur buying and owning Ashley Livestock Exchange.

His words:

“If I didn’t have a job, I created one.” 

The second quote, though, simply stands on its own:

“If I knew having grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first.”

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