Food Fight: Hugo’s

Our semi-weekly community restaurant review is taking a new turn this week as we move on to the city’s supermarkets. We’re doing this because I believe I’ve gotten all the other restaurants in town and this is all I can think of.

If I’ve missed something, please point it out in the comments. You can read a complete list of all the previous Food Fight columns, and add your own reviews, on this page right here.

So this week, we’re doing a review of Hugo’s. Here are some things to consider:

  • Quality of food produced in store and produce offered
  • Variety of products
  • Fairness of prices
  • Cleanliness of store
  • Friendliness of service
  • Specifically, any foods offered ready-to-eat
  • Anything particularly special about this place

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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One Response to Food Fight: Hugo’s

  1. Jaime says:

    When I used to work closer to Hugo’s, I’d get meals from the deli once in a while. I usually got fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, or chicken tortilla soup (yum!) Co-workers would get something from the salad bar & pre-made sandwiches. While most of what they offer isn’t gourmet by any means, it’s usually pretty good and it’s cheap. I can’t attest to the cleanliness of their Presidential Cafe area, as I always got my food to go. But it can’t be too bad as there are always a handful of people eating there, sometimes more.