Working on getting married

My fiancee and I have been meeting with the Rev. Joe Barrett, the priest at St. James Basilica who will officiate our wedding in September, for marriage counseling classes. On Sunday, we met and talked for well over an hour about the results of this compatibility/relationship test that we took.

The test is basically a whole bunch of questions meant to detect problems many potential character flaws that can detonate a marriage. Substance abuse. Domestic abuse. Financial problems. Communication problems. Respect issues. It was 180 questions long and we still need to meet again to continue going through the results.

Anyway, after we’d spent well over an hour going through the results and scheduled our next meeting, Father Joe got out a little video for us to watch to give us a laugh and clear up some of the tension from our conversation. I found it on Youtube and thought I’d share it here for any other couples who could use some help understanding each other.

The video features marriage counselor Mark Gungor, if you want to know more about it. It had us in stitches and will probably make you laugh too.

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