Suddenly, I’m gone

I have only a few minutes to write this.

I’m leaving for vacation now. Originally, this was going to happen Saturday, but the weather has moved things up and we’re leaving in the next few hours. I won’t be posting at all until after I get back around Jan. 10.

Until then, enjoy life.

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3 Responses to Suddenly, I’m gone

  1. Dave says:

    The Jamestown Sun must have the best vacation plan ever. You seem to take vacation a lot more than the rest of us working people.

    • Logan C. Adams says:

      Here’s the deal.

      My work schedule is set up a bit different from the normal workweek. One weekend, I only get Saturday off, and the next weekend, I get Friday through Sunday off. I still work five-day workweeks, but it’s structured that I’m on one weekend and off the next. I don’t get more vacation than the average worker — I just get my weekends in differently sized pieces.

      This past week, though, was real vacation, not stored-up weekends.

  2. I don’t think that comment is just. If you take issue with a job’s benefit just because you don’t have it, then you should seek a job with such a benefit. Where one places their passion is their own personal business. He also never said he was being paid for the trip he is going on, nor does that even matter.