A letter from some grateful Canadians

We got a letter this week from some Canadians expressing thanks to many people in North Dakota for helping them during a recent bit of travel. It’s much too long for our Opinion page, but on a blog I have virtually infinite space. So follow the jump if you want to read it.

The letter:

Dear Governor Jack Dalrymple – Governor of North Dakota;

Dear Mr. Jason Grossman – Mayor of Harvey, North Dakota;

We would like to bring to your attention, our sincere gratitude to the outstanding community of Harvey, North Dakota.

We, Robert & Tanya Hollasch from Bonnyville, Alberta Canada, were travelling on Highway 52 somewhere between Minot and Harvey when our 1 ton truck towing a 7 horse trailer broke down during the severe winter snow storm on Monday December 20th, 2010.

After several (approx. 15 ‐ 20) calls for help to area tow trucks & repairs shops from Minot to Rugby, we were refused by everyone because we didn’t know the whereabouts of where we were on Highway 52 in the blizzard, and the shops were full, they could not look at our truck within 1‐3 weeks. By this time we were stranded on the highway for a couple hours with no heat and no help coming, we were desperate to get ourselves off the highway to a safe place. A young man in his 20’s named “Jeff – from New Mexico” in a 1970’s Ford ½ ton truck, stopped to help us, he towed us slowly but safely for 1 ½ hours. He was headed to Jamestown so he would tow us to the next major town which was Harvey. While being towed, I was so grateful to have phoned “Brad from P & F Repair in Harvey” and he informed me he would try and get the vehicle going if we could get it towed there. Brad met us on the road to have Jeff follow him to the shop. Brad helped us get motel rooms, and put his mechanic, Brian, on the truck that afternoon. Brian worked on it that evening and the next morning, Dec. 21st, in which the decision was made the truck had to go back to Minot for repair. Brad had contacted “Midland Diesel in Minot” and they would try and repair the truck that afternoon, to get us back to Canada for Christmas.

We could not find a tow truck in the region to help us out with a tow until the next day Dec 22nd, when “Robert – from ABC Towing in Minot” went above and beyond the call of duty. This incredible man, phoned all morning to make arrangements to tow our 1 ton truck to Minot and Robert also borrowed a friend’s truck to tow our horse trailer & 2 horses to North Portal (Canadian border) where our 17 year old son was driving 11 ‐ 12 hours from Alberta, to meet and pick us up with another 1 ton truck to haul the trailer & horses home. Robert also sent an employee, David, along to drive the loaned truck to the US/Canadian border and back to Minot from North Portal, and this was after his full day of work. David narrated the history of North Dakota along highway 52, the entire trip, he was truly the best tour guide – I highly recommend him. Robert even phoned to ensure we made it across the Canadian border.

During our stay in Harvey, the community was absolutely amazing. We were offered help to tow our trailer by numerous people, including “Jim & Eric from JW’s Restaurant” but our trailer had a “semi – style king pin” which would not fit in their truck hitches. Eric went beyond the call of duty driving all over town to try and help find a way to get our horses towed closer to home or to the Canadian border. Dave from Lautt’s Feed & Supply loaned hitches to try to fit our horse trailer. Brad, Eric & a wonderful
A fellow Jerome drove us back and forth from the motel to the shop with luggage and to feed and water our horses, (Brad at P & F Repair let us keep the horses in the shop parking lot). A lady named Virginia – she made calls and had found a local farm to keep the horses if our stay would be extended, Jim also offered hay for the horses. The people of Harvey were so hospitable and entertaining, sitting eating meals with us, having drinks, buying us drinks, good company & good conversation, bowling, it was unbelievable. They all helped us get through a stressful time with laughter, friendship & a reliance that we would be okay. We had a warm place to stay at the R & R Motel for the three days in which we were grateful.

We would like to publicly thank these people and let them be recognized for their outstanding generosity & care, compassion & help with our situation of being stranded with horses so far from home, and the people of Harvey that just talked conversation and cared, and offered if we need any assistance, we thank you all. We thank everyone involved that ensured we made it home safely to our family in time for Christmas.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! We will never forget you!

Jeff from New Mexico

Brad & staff from P & F Repair

Brian & Kyle – P & F Repair

Eric & his friend (wearing the M&M Nascar Jacket) – JW’s Restaurant Bar & Grill

Jim – JW’s Restaurant Bar & Grill & Bowling

Jim & staff – JW’s Restaurant Bar & Grill & Bowling

R & R Motel

David – Lautt’s Feed & Supply

Jerome – met at JW’s

Robert – ABC Towing ‐ Minot

David – ABC Towing – Minot

Virginia – in Harvey

Midland Diesel – Minot

Community of Harvey


Robert & Tanya Hollasch

Bonnyville, Alberta Canada


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One Response to A letter from some grateful Canadians

  1. chiefsleepyeye says:

    Unlike many states in the US, this generosity, willingness to help, and friendliness is the rule in North Dakota rather than the exception.