This is how Minnesotans allegedly deal with bears

According to this video’s description on, it was recorded in September in northwest Minnesota. I ask the better-informed readers out there to look at it and tell me if they know more about it than I do, which is very likely.

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One Response to This is how Minnesotans allegedly deal with bears

  1. thatedeguy says:

    Bear, and Black Bears in particular, are naturally curious animals. They are also much more timid than what most would make them out to be, which is why you very rarely see a black bear up close in the woods. The bear was likely thinking he’d check out this funny looking tree and see if there was anything fun to eat up it. When the guy talked to it, it got scared, and took off. A pretty typical black bear encounter. As long as you aren’t between a mama black bear and her cubs, they’re pretty easy to scare off like that. Grizzlies, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more aggressive and are better left alone…