Food Fight: The Pantry

Every week — well, almost every week — we do a little review of one area restaurant. I pick out a restaurant from my ever-shrinking list of eateries that have not yet been reviewed, and I post the name here. Then, hopefully, everyone reviews it.

This week, we’re reviewing “The Pantry,” which is the little diner inside the mall that also houses County Market and White Drug.

Hit the comments box below and speak your mind. You decide the criteria and you determine your own judgment. Let ‘er rip.

And if you want to read Food Fight reviews from the past, click the link in the black bar up at the top of this page.

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2 Responses to Food Fight: The Pantry

  1. Comments left on Facebook:

    Brad Schaack: Great breakfast.

    Jennifer Elhard: Jamestown being such a small town I would be surprised if anyone gave an honest opinion but I think that place is terrible.

    Rose Freeh: they close toodam early, and food is medium to fair.

  2. Sarah says:

    The food is great there, I recommend the Bacon and cheese two egg omelet. The service is wonderful and the prices beat any other breakfast serving restaurant in Jamestown.