Build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium … in North Dakota!

The collapse of the roof of the HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis over the weekend has shined more light on the long-raging debate over building a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings football team.

The problem is, new stadiums are expensive and Minnesota is facing a $6.2 billion budget deficit.

But there is a solution that I think would work. I just don’t know how much the people of Minnesota will like it. Oh well. Here goes.

We, the people of North Dakota, should build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, and we should build it somewhere west of the Red River. I’m thinking somewhere west of Fargo near a good Interstate 94 exit.

Here are my reasons we should consider this:

  • North Dakota has a nice budget surplus and could afford to build a big stadium. Having the games here would also mean more economic growth for North Dakota.
  • The Vikings are the de facto professional football team of North Dakota. In Minnesota,  the people are divided between the Green Bay Packers and the Vikings, but here, the people are nearly all Vikings fans. It’s to the point that whenever I wear my K-State purple, people think I’m just another Vikings fan. I know several people around here who make multiple trips over to Minnesota every fall to watch the Vikings play. This would make it very easy for them to watch their team.
  • We have plenty of good roads from the Twin Cities leading to North Dakota, so all the fans in Minnesota could easily follow their team over here. I-94 could just be one big purple convoy every game day.
  • The New York Giants play football in New Jersey. The Washington Redskins play football in Maryland. The Vikings would hardly be the first team to play home games outside of their namesake location.
  • I remember a Minnesota columnist saying not too long ago that his state should try to annex North Dakota so it can take our budget surplus to help cancel out their budget deficit. I think this is the perfect response.

If Minnesota won’t go for this plan, there’s a way we could compromise. North Dakota would pay for about half of the new stadium’s cost, but it would have to be built in Moorhead, Minn. At least this way, we won’t have so far to drive to watch a game. Also, it would mean a lot of potential business for Fargo restaurants and hotels and more sales tax revenue for the state. We could put that extra revenue toward property tax cuts, if we desire.

And if those options still aren’t good enough for the people of Minnesota, then that’s too bad. I’m out of ideas. You folks are on your own.

And try not to take this too seriously.

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15 Responses to Build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium … in North Dakota!

  1. chiefsleepyeye says:

    And if you really want it to be Vikings football…make it an outdoor stadium to boot!

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  3. Neal says:

    And New England plays in Boston. :)

  4. Jason says:

    Would you mind if i linked this article to a new Facebook Page? The page is

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  6. blake says:

    Hey guys, Logan stopped comments on his newest post about this and he removed the comments because people were just getting out of hand and stuff. My posts also got removed because he removed all of them, but I just wanted to come here and write what I wrote there before.

    Logan is doing a find job at the Jamestown Sun as an intern there. I remember when I was working at the start of my career. I worked for my step-uncle and I didn’t do very good work. He kept me because he knew that at least I was trying and that I needed a job. If I would have gotten paid more like the real workers, then he would have expected better work from me, but I was just learning.

    Logan doesn’t always hit the nail on the head either, guys, and you know how hard it is to be in school and working for nothing? It’s tough, I can tell you that much. He doesn’t write very much for the paper yet because he’s got to learn and this website is where he is getting his feet wet. Leave him alone and maybe throw a compliment is way every once in a while for his good efforts. Like I said before, you can’t always get “A” work, but sometimes just getting the job done is all that matters.

    Thanks for trying, Logan! I appreciate it!

    • Brian says:

      Logan might not always do the best job on here, but at least he puts a lot of effort into his “art”, eventually he’ll move on past this dead end job at the Jamestown Sun and work for a publicatioin in someplace like Great Falls, Montana, or Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We’re rooting for you man! Keep up the work!

      • Thanks for the praise, fellas, but some of the things you’re writing are confusing me. I can’t tell so I’m asking: Do you guys know what my job really is? Or are you just messing with me?

  7. blake says:

    Well I’m guessing that you’re the gopher at the Sun – stuffing ads, delivering papers when carriers get sick, and writing the blog (It might stink to do but it is hard to find people to do stuff so the guy at the bottom gets stuck with it!).

    • Well, this is awkward.

      Here’s the deal: I’m the assistant editor of The Jamestown Sun. Most of my time is spent doing behind-the-scenes work for the paper. I prepare copy for inside the newspaper, assign and edit stories for our reporters and oversee newspaper production several nights a week. I design pages and get them sent out the the press. And I do plenty of other things that pop up here and there. I don’t get my name on the paper itself very often, but that’s life.

      This blog is another thing I tacked on to all that. I used to have more time and energy for it, but that has been becoming less and less. I’m wondering if I might have to retire this blog sometime soon. I don’t know.

      Also, as much as I appreciate Brian’s concern for my career, this isn’t a dead-end job. I rather like it and I also rather like Jamestown. I’ve been here going on four years now and I don’t feel like leaving.

  8. blake says:

    Wow, wait! Awkward is right! You’re the assistant editor? Holy cow, Logan, how? I mean, I was defending your work because I thought you were just getting started but if you are the assistant editor, you’ve got to step it up a few notches and do better! How do you even figure that having this website is a good idea anyway? It seems like if you are being paid to work at the Sun, you’d better be busy doing that stuff and doing it well! You’re just reporting on leaky roofs, pet dogs, and restaurants and grocery stores! This may not be a dead end job to you and you just might like Jamestown a lot, but if you don’t step it up, you won’t be able to get a job anywhere else even if you wanted to!!!!

    I’m sorry I assumed you were an intern and student, my assumptions ran away from me but you didn’t leave me much to assume with…

    • This blog isn’t meant to be the absolute, exhaustive, cover-everything-important website of Jamestown. It’s just a fun little thing I do on the side for writing when I have the time. This blog isn’t meant to get me another job. It’s just for kicks and a silly laugh here and there.

  9. blake says:

    I never expected you to cover it all here. I was thinking about it this evening and I thought I’d tell you that I’m happy you’ve resigned yourself to a job in Jamestown and as for the laughs here and there, I’ll keep waiting!

  10. bill cenne says:

    Actually, CNN reports today, Sept. 1, 2011, that the Governor of North Dakota is meeting with the owner of the Minnesota Vikings. This seems to be related to the Haliburton announcement of thousand of new jobs being created in the oil fields. I don’t see how thousands of people could compete with the millions in Minnesota, but we can dream, can’t we?