This ain’t nothing money can’t replace

 You ever feel like the walls are falling in on you?

Ceiling cat exploded.

Well, this ruined my evening.

This is what I found when I came home from work for dinner Tuesday night. The story and news of a special moving sale can be found after the jump.

Somehow, water leaked in the apartment above me and accumulated in the space between the ceiling and the floor above me. The water caused the ceiling panel to come loose, and the water and bits of the ceiling came raining down with it.

Nothing irreplaceable was lost in the incident, but I’m not getting out of this without some lost property. It looks like my stereo might have gotten some water on it, and a few other items will be going to the Dumpster.

My landlord has assured me that my lost property will be covered by her insurance. I also have renter’s insurance, so I should be all right.

But this is the last straw after other troubles I’ve had with that apartment building. My landlord is a good and decent person, but that apartment has caused me too much trouble. For example, a similar leak two years ago caused me to come home to find a 2-foot-wide waterfall in the middle of my main room (in a spot not far from where that panel is). Nothing was damaged, but the mess was a pain to clean.

My landlord and I reached a fair agreement on how to proceed with all this. I’m moving into a spare room at a dear friend’s house. There is limited space at this house, though, so I have a short time to decide what to keep and what to sell or trash.

This means from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday will be a special moving sale at my old place: 805 5th Ave. N.E., #22. I’ve got a futon, an exercise bike and a TV all for sale, and likely even more good stuff on top of that. And believe me, everything will be priced to move.

Finally, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It’s just stuff. I’ll let Craig Morgan take it from here to explain the title above.

Update: Good news. It turns out my stereo was not ruined by the water, and neither were two nice wooden chairs that I’d thought I’d lost. So at least I have that going for me.

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