Congratulations, Ben. Come claim your prize!

The election is over, and now we have a winner of our prediction contest.

There were no perfect entries, which would have guessed all eight races right. Instead, the prize goes to Ben, who called seven races correctly (he missed the one about Stutsman County Measure 2) and was the first to post an entry that got seven races right.

I’ve e-mailed Ben to tell him of his victory. We’ll see if he answers. If I don’t hear back from him, we’ll go to the next runner up.

It shouldn’t be too hard. There were eight other entries that got seven races right.

Also, here’s what the perfect entry would have been:

1. U.S. House of Representatives: Rick Berg

2. U.S. Senate: John Hoeven

3. Public Service Commission: Kevin Cramer

4. North Dakota Measure 1: Yes

5. North Dakota Measure 2: No

6. Stutsman County Sheriff: Chad Kaiser

7. Stutsman County Measure 2: No

8. Stutsman County Measure 3: No

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