Another rural winery worth discovering

Morgan and I stopped at nice little winery last week on our way back from Fort Ransom, N.D. Here are some photos, some thoughts and some directions to get you there. Follow the jump to read more.

The Prairiewood Winery is about a 10-minute drive south and east of Fort Ransom. It’s run by Cindy and John Steffes. It’s a fine little place on their property with a whole bunch of vines out behind the building.

The winery sits in big bunch of trees just off the road in Ransom County. We found it by following a series of signs that marked each turn along the way. You can find it here on Google Maps, but I’d give them a call at 701-683-5866 before driving all the way out there.

The fine folks who poured our drinks, Cindy and John Steffes.

Once inside, Morgan and I found a nice room with a counter and the Steffeses pouring drinks. We tried about six different wines, and some were better than others. We bought two bottles, the names of which escape me. Don’t wonder what I liked, though, because I really don’t know squat about what makes  a “good” wine. I just know what I like.

The owners said they’ve been growing grapes for a decade buy only really making and selling wine for the past three years. I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.

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