While I was gone

Some North Dakota youngsters made a video poking fun at North Dakota while I was in Kansas. Their goal is to get as more pageviews as there are people in North Dakota. As of this writing, they’re more than a third of the way there.

It’s not all that bad, but I didn’t exactly r. I bet I’d think it was funnier if I’d ever actually listened to the song it parodies (Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”) but that would mean listening to Katy Perry, and I don’t do that sort of thing unless I can’t avoid it.

Here’s the video. Try your luck at the commenting system to say what you think about it.

UPDATE: Well, this new Areavoices software won’t let me embed Youtube videos, it seems, so I’m just going to have to link to it. CLICK HERE. It also won’t allow me to tag posts.

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