Back in North Dakota

I got back to Jamestown last night around 6:45 p.m. I took a different route this time, taking N.D. Highway 46 east from Interstate 29 and then coming north on U.S. Highway 281. It was very interesting.

Some notes on what happened while I was gone:

  • The funeral for my grandmother was huge. It would easily have filled St. James Basilica. Now that I mention it, I wish she could have seen St. James. She’d have loved the church.
  • I was able to spend a lot of time with family, and I did a huge family portrait of everyone who was able to pose for it. Odds are, we’ll never have so many relatives together for one picture ever again. We’ll see if the film turns out OK.
  • While driving west on N.D. 46, I drove through an incredible amount of rain. Just after I got past Enderlin, N.D., I saw the world seem to come to an end about a mile ahead of me and turn into a grey blur. When I drove into that blur, it was rain of such strength I had to slow to about 25mph and run my wipers at full blast to retain some level of control.
  • For that matter, I noticed a bunch of storm spotters out on the road near Enderlin. It reminded me of life in Kansas. I learned today just how serious that storm had been.
  • I got back to Jamestown safe and sound. Life resumes.
  • We got even more thunderstorms last night, which seem to have woken a lot of people up and tough hours of the morning, but I slept right through it all, I was so tired.
  • We learned this morning that the World’s Largest Buffalo has a new, stupid name.

That’s all, folks.


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6 Responses to Back in North Dakota

  1. Karin says:

    I really don’t like the buffalo’s new name either. The name should make you think of Jamestown. Dakota Thunder sure doesn’t, not for me anyway.

  2. Leah says:

    I HATE the name they chose for the buffalo. And I agree with Karin, the name should remind us of Jamestown not some random thing.

  3. Mopar Gadaffi says:

    Yeah, not a great name for the big piece of cement molded in the shape of a buffalo. How about “Jimmie” or “Big Jim” or “Buffalo James” or “Buffalo Jim”?

    On another note, I always thought that the sewage lagoon by the Bloom exit should have been named the Louis La’Moure Sewage Lagoon, or the “Louey Lagoon” for short.

  4. Karin says:

    LOL those were the buffalo names I submitted (the most logical names, I thought) but they didn’t even make it to the final five. Louey Lagoon–too funny!

  5. d1 says:

    I think this was rigged. Isn’t the person who won related to the family who owns White Cloud?

  6. honeybee says:

    Big Jim Brown Cloud…that’s the name friends came up with last night over a few glasses of wine. Love the giant buffalo and White Cloud, dislike the new name! I’ll probably still call it “the giant buffalo.”