Great NYT article on N.D. theaters

The New York Times has a fantastic article today about small-town North Dakota movie theaters making a hard-earned comeback. It’s really well done and does a great job of lightheartedly describing what makes North Dakota special where other writers would just make crude jokes and insults about the state.

Here’s an excerpt from this story, which you should read:


Films veer heavily toward G and sometimes PG-13 ratings.

"Sex and the City?” said Ms. Freier, the Roxy volunteer. “People don’t relate to that here.”

Lauren Larson, a school counselor in Fargo and co-owner with her husband, Steve, of the Delchar, has a motherly eye. When she spied a 14-year-old watching “The Last Boy Scout,” which is rated R, she called his father. “It’s hard for me to let them in when I know the movie is not good for them,” she said.

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3 Responses to Great NYT article on N.D. theaters

  1. PlayNice says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on the NY Times article. Makes me want to go to a movie tonight.

  2. Mom says:

    I am glad there are people out there not afraid to live by their morals and help other parents know what their children are doing. Parents cannot know what their children are doing ALL the time. I should know after what My Mother went through and with the five of you kids!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Good catch on the article. We frequent the Rockford as often as we can.