I believe I am justified in saying this

To the rat bastard who keyed my pickup last night: You are a coward. You are a coward today, you will be a coward next week and when you die, you will die a coward’s death.


For further information, consult with Mr. Vincent Vega (NSFW link).

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4 Responses to I believe I am justified in saying this

  1. chiefsleepyeye says:

    No! Not the truck you just got a while back? I hope they catch the “rat bastard coward”.

  2. Logan C. Adams says:

    Yep, my Dodge. Hardly a month since I bought it. It’s scratched from the front wheelwell to almost the tailgate on the driver’s side.

  3. Karin says:

    Someone did that to my car awhile back in the WalMart parking lot. I’d have called him a lot worse! It’s a rotten thing to do.

  4. Lonnie says:

    Oh man, sorry to hear that! It’s time for a big ol’ slice of justice to be served!