Things that go boom in the night

Sounds like everyone in town got woken up at about 3:55 this morning when a thunderstorm rolled through the city.

Here’s what the doppler rader, via Weatherbug, looked like at the time. The red pin marks Jamestown’s location.

About five minutes into the storm, I about threw myself out of bed after a particularly close lightning strike produced one of the loudest thunderclaps I’ve ever heard. It was like I the sky was being torn in half.

If the angels were bowling, Gabriel must have gotten a strike.

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3 Responses to Things that go boom in the night

  1. Joel says:

    One of the loudest thunderclaps you’ve ever heard? and you used to live in Kansas. That is really saying something then. I lived in Wichita for a few years a while back, didn’t know what a real thunderstorm was til I experienced a Kansas thunderstorm – longer, louder, much more rain, more frequent hail too.

  2. Mom says:

    This past week in Kansas has been right up there with storms including hail and flooding. Your poor brothers are at Scout camp and had several nights of bad storms. After leaving the storm shelter, one scout found his cot in a tree after Sunday night storms.

  3. Logan C. Adams says:

    The lighting strike that caused that loud thunderclap turns out to have hit a tree two blocks from my apartment.