Food Fight: Pizza Hut

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another exciting Food Fight!

This week, dear readers, we’re reviewing Jamestown’s Pizza Hut.

Remember, we’re talking about quality of food, service, the location, the prices and anything about the place you consider worth rating. This is your chance to say whatever you have to say about this restaurant. Just click through to the comments section and speak your mind.

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3 Responses to Food Fight: Pizza Hut

  1. Amy R. says:

    I love Pizza Hut! Especially now that they have $10 pizzas!

    However, their buffet is pretty darn bad. Not much of a selection on there, they don’t keep it stocked, and pretty much a waste of a lunch hour!

    The service there is hit and miss. Seems like they can’t keep staff on there. They did have a really good manager for a short time. She kept that place hoppin, but since has left.

    Overall, good pizza, but crappy service and buffet!

  2. Jaime says:

    Pizza Hut is good… if you get it delivered. We like the food: my husband the supreme pizza, and me, the chicken alfredo pasta.

    Our biggest gripe is the service. When we dine in the restaurant, our server makes an initial trip for drinks and the order (sometimes that takes a while), and then to deliver the food. After that, they disappear. No offers of refills on drinks (which is sadly a pretty common phenomenon in Jamestown), no checking to see if everything is satisfactory, and even on some occasions, they don’t bring the bill. It’s annoying having to track down your bill.

    Another annoying thing is that they don’t time things very well. We usually order breadsticks for an appetizer, and specifically ask that they be brought out before the pizza does. Well, they do bring them out before the pizza… about 1 minute before. We’d rather have them delay making the pizza just so we can actually eat the breadsticks. But they don’t. And breadsticks just aren’t the same warmed up.

    We go back every so often to see if things have changed, and with the rare exception, they haven’t. So do yourself a favor and have it delivered.

  3. Logan C. Adams says:

    A comment left on The Sun’s Facebook page:

    Andy Heller: I usually order carry out from Pizza Hut. I’ve had a few complaints over the years, but overall I would give them a B grade. The reason is because I 95% of the time order personal pan pizzas and many times they are out and that’s it. Sometimes a exceptional employee will offer me something to replace it and I think they should all the time, but its rare.