Election results are out

Unofficial election results are out: Katie Andersen is the new mayor, the Stutsman County road tax measure failed, and Jamestown passed a half-mill tax to support the James River Humane Society (the cats say "Thank mew!" and the dogs say "woof").

But I’m happy to know that The Jamestown Sun has once again been named the official newspaper of Stutsman County. It was a landslide, with 3,325 votes in favor and none opposed in a perfect showing.

Of course, the fact that there were no other options on the ballot, or even a "write-in" box, for official newspaper might have had an effect on this.


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2 Responses to Election results are out

  1. SUNNINATER says:

    I did vote against the Sun.

  2. Karin says:

    I’m glad the Humane Society measure passed. I don’t like to think what would happen if we didn’t have the HS for animals in need. Too bad the road measure didn’t pass, the roads around here suck.