Bed liners

I’m thinking of installing a bed liner in my pickup to protect it from rust and damage. Options being considered are a Herculiner or a Rhino liner, or any other system.

Pickup owners: If you’ve tried a spray-on or roll-on bedliner, how was it? Is it durable? Has it lasted? How much did it cost?

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4 Responses to Bed liners

  1. Mopar Gaddafi says:

    I would recommend a Rhino (or equivalent) spray-in bed liner. I have never had it done myself, but I have seen it in other guy’s trucks and it is far superior to the plastic slide in liners. I think you can get a kit to do it yourself, which would probably be fairly reasonable.

    The problem with the plastic liners is that they wear into the paint wherever they make contact with the sides/bed of the pickup box, and things slip and slide around too much. The Rhino liner gives the box a nice durable textured coating which is non-slippery. Granted it is more permanent, but it will prevent any scratches and rust, and won’t dent as easy either.

  2. Craig says:

    I have a high quality bed mat in my 97 Chevy Silverado. Got it for my 95 and it still fit my 97. The thick reinforced rubber mat keeps things from sliding around the bed and keeps the truck bed pristine. Use the truck for mulch, compost, trips to Home Depot…. I remove the mat when cleaning up the bed and keep the drain holes clear. Cost me less than $100 and has given me more than 10 years of use.

  3. Dustin says:

    I have Line-X in my 2000 Silverado and had it put in my 2010 F-150. I’ve been extremely happy with Line-X. Gives a good look and provides durability to the bed. I don’t have problems with things sliding and it washes out easy.

  4. Sports Mike says:

    You might want to consider a bed cover, or even a smaller topper – even though I’m not too crazy about toppers. I have a tonneau cover on my truck and I’ve enjoyed it. I can toss a lot of things underneath it, from fishing poles to groceries, and not have to worry about anything flying out. They are easy to take on and off and they also help your fuel mileage by eliminating drag.