Food Fight: KC Club

The Knights of Columbus Hall in Jamestown is the subject of this week’s free-for-all community restaurant review.

I want readers to talk about their experiences eating during the normal operating hours at the KC Club specifically. The building is also home to several fundraiser meals and the like each year, but what we’re looking for tonight are experiences with the normal operation of the club.

Readers, let’s hear about food, service, drinks, atmosphere, prices, cleanliness and any other criteria that come to your mind. If you think it’s worth mentioning, say so in the comments section.

UPDATE: It’s 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, and no one has commented so far. Is the KC’s really that unpopular?

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3 Responses to Food Fight: KC Club

  1. PlayNice says:

    Summit Ale on tap for 2 bucks a pint (Happy Hour – $1.75!). For me, that’s all I need to know to give a place 5 stars. But besides the ridiculously cheap microbrew prices the wait staff is attentive and welcoming, the bar has popcorn, and the place is smoke-free.

  2. Ann says:

    I am surprised too that more haven’t written. We’ve only eaten there a few times. I tend to forget it is open daily and not just weekends or for weddings, etc. The food has been very good and staff very good, prices are ok. Maybe needs more PR work.

  3. buffalocity says:

    Great place to eat and drink.Food is good at reasonable prices.Wait staff is on the ball.One of the top 3 places in town to go to in my opinion.