Back in time for Cleanup Week

I got back into Jamestown last night and I’ve been noticing all the Cleanup Week stuff going on. As I drive around I keep thinking "Hmm, do I need a box fan?" and "Hey, that couch is in pretty good shape!"

But I haven’t picked anything up yet.

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2 Responses to Back in time for Cleanup Week

  1. danny says:

    Don’t do it man!

    I picked up a really nice wicker chair in Florida, brought it into my house only to find it full of roaches. Not one, two or three little roaches, but hundreds! Couches on curbs are there for a reason–you don’t want to find out.

  2. April Hendrickson says:

    I drove around a bit yesterday evening and ran across some pretty good stuff…stuff that I actually needed for my office! I found some great stackable file bins that I had been eyeing at Wal-Mart for some time but never bought them cause they were a bit above the price I wanted to pay for them. They were in great shape…only needed to be hosed and wiped down. I think if you go looking for specific things you can find some pretty great bargains along side the curbs!