Food Fight: Subway vs. Subway

We’ve got a bit of sibling rivalry this week as we’re pitting Jamestown’s two Subway restaurants against each other. We’ve got the Subway at the intersection of 10th Street and Seventh Avenue Southwest (Buff Subway) and the Subway out on Business Loop West (Interstate Subway). 

Not only do I know what you have to say about these sandwich shops when it comes to food, service, prices and everything else, but I want to know who does it better. Which one has the better staff? Who provides a tastier sammich?

Readers, now is your chance to choose the greater restaurant. Hit the comments section and speak your mind.

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8 Responses to Food Fight: Subway vs. Subway

  1. chiefsleepyeye says:

    The one at the corner of Irving Park Drive and Damon Avenue in Chicago is awesome…:-)

  2. The World's Tallest Midget says:

    Definitely Buff Subway. Cleaner building, better service, friendlier staff.

  3. Nobody in Particular says:

    I’d say they are about even but the Buff Subway’s parking lot is horrible.

  4. Leah says:

    I agree the parking lot at the Buff Subway is really bad! But I would have to say that service is better there. Food taste/quality is equal.

  5. Footlong turkey breast says:

    I think people just like to say Buff. A Subway is a Subway, and services one could find at either location is probably on par with services they could find at any location. It’s a Subway.

  6. Jaime says:

    My husband eats there excessively often (like, pretty much every day) so I’ll pass on his comments. He prefers the Buff Subway, as it’s the service he likes. Since he eats there so often, the staff remembers him and how he likes his sandwiches. This is very important to him. Food-wise, they have the same stuff, but I’m told it’s all in how it’s made that matters. The one by the interstate is newer, so they get the best inside award, as well as the best parking lot award. But it’s all about the service, and so they lose.

    Both have awesome cookies though, and sometimes, that’s all that matters!

  7. danny says:

    When do we get to review Quiznos? Now there’s a sandwich; way more meat than Subway.

  8. Logan C. Adams says:

    To request a restaurant be put up for reviews, e-mail me at Be sure to indicate whether I can quote your e-mail.