Food Fight: Taco John’s

Yes, it’s a chain restaurant, but we’re including those in this feature, too, so this week we’re reviewing Jamestown’s Taco John’s.

This Tex-Mex restaurant in southeast Jamestown is ready and waiting for you to pass judgement over it. Consider food quality, service, prices, decor or anything else about the place that you want to to critique. You are the customer, and you are always right.

Now let’s hear it in the comments section.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t think that, because I’ve made more posts since this one, that you can’t comment on this restaurant. Comments are still enabled for all the Food Fight posts, and you can always go back to one you missed and comment on it. Here’s a link to all the Food Fight posts from previous weeks.

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5 Responses to Food Fight: Taco John’s

  1. Leah says:

    I Love the taco salad(with chicken). The decorations are cute, sometimes the tables are not as clean as I would like them. They are very speedy and friendly.

  2. Jaime says:

    I love Taco John’s, which is not surprising if you know me. I usually get my food to go, but the tables and chairs look to be relatively clean. The food is awesome, especially the potato oles… and the nacho cheese to dip them in is flavorful and has a little kick. Their churros are good, too, although I did notice recently that they’ve been getting smaller. The service now is good and welcoming. A few years ago, that wasn’t really the case, but it looks like their problems got fixed.

  3. MZU33BD says:

    The MZU33BD Group has to give Taco Bell the edge here. They’re open later and the 4th Meal is needed after closing down the bars. We believe that Taco Johns doesn’t cater to the drinkers like they should. We will not tolerate this!

  4. Karin says:

    We rarely go out to eat but Taco Johns is one place we go to occasionally. The food is fresh and hot. The counter people are patient and polite. The restaurant is clean.

  5. Craig says:

    I grew up in Jamestown and now live in Texas. When I visit my parents in Jamestown we have to make numerous visits to Taco Johns for a taco and potato ole fix. My daughter loves the chicken soft tacos and my son loves the taco bravos which is a crispy taco wrapped in a flour tortilla. My wife and I can live on the 6-pack and a pound. Taco Tuesday is a regular date and on Sundays I think soft tacos are $0.99. Great food, good service and good prices. Wish Taco Johns was further south!