Food Fight: Meeting Grounds Coffee Shop

This week, readers, I want reviews of Meeting Ground Coffee Shop.

Full disclosure: I have three of my photographs on display and for sale at this business, so I can’t claim to be perfectly impartial to them.

That being said, I want to know what you readers think of this little spot in southeast Jamestown. What do you think of their beverages and food? What are its strong suits? Its weak points? How’s the service and prices.

Readers, let’s have it in the comments box.

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5 Responses to Food Fight: Meeting Grounds Coffee Shop

  1. Ann says:

    I love the fruited chicken croissant and raspberry/slivered almond bar. Coffee is great and fresh, service is fast and friendly.

  2. Cindy L says:

    Meeting Grounds was one of the first places that made us feel at home when we first moved to Jamestown. Everyone that works there is great and service is excellent. Good eats too. Now that we don’t live there any more (boo) we try to stop by whenever we get to Jamestown. Well worth it in my opinion.

  3. PlayNice says:

    This is no gas station cappuccino made from sickly sweet powder. This is the place for real espresso and espresso-based coffee drinks and they do a wonderful job of it. My drink of choice is the latte served piping hot or iced in the summer. The espresso is full-bodied, rich, and characteristically bitter but not burnt tasting. I enjoy the funky ambience and the exceptionally friendly and attentive customer service given by the smiling baristas. Whether I step in for counter service or use their convenient drive-thru window, I always feel welcomed and my business appreciated. So wake up Jamestown and smell the fresh ground espresso. Support our exceptionally fine coffee houses. The place you fuel your car should never be the same place you fuel your cappuccino addiction.

  4. Nina says:

    The Meeting Grounds is a great place to sit, enjoy great coffee, read or host a smaller meeting. Staff is friendly and very helpful. One of my favorite spots in Jamestown.

  5. Dakwoman says:

    Meeting Grounds is the ONLY place in town where I can get a good cup of plain ol’ black coffee, as far as I’m concerned. The service is always top-notch and the atmosphere relaxing.