Food Fight: McDonald’s

Our weekly reader restaurant review series continues today with the McDonald’s franchise in Jamestown.

I want to know about your personal experiences with Jamestown’s franchise only. What do you think of their building? How are they on speed and service? What do you think of their food?

This is a discussion for anyone who’s ever eaten there. You can be a ferocious foodie, a diner with simple tastes or anywhere between; no matter what, your opinion is welcome. Hit the comments and speak your mind.

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6 Responses to Food Fight: McDonald’s

  1. Amy R. says:

    I love McDonald’s fries. I dip them in tartar sauce! THE BEST! Along with a coke!

    Otherwise, their food is good. It seems to me, though, that the prices have gone up since the new store opened?!?! Anyone else notice that?

    Also, the drive-thru at lunch is always really quick, however, in the evening, it is horrible!! It is SO slow and you ALWAYS have to double check before you drive away. McDonald’s is known for getting orders wrong!!

  2. Katie Andersen says:

    I love the decor of the new McDonalds! Its clean and modern. My son and I love to eat at the new bar stool area with the flat screen TV tuned into Noggin. (My son is three.) We are a little sad that the new McDonalds does not have a play area for kids. We have eaten more at Burger King because the playland is “so fun!”

    My service has been really good when I have eaten in the restaurant, but I have had an order or two mixed up in the drive through.

    I am an unsweetened iced tea drinker, and every once in a while I get a sweet tea (yuck!). I just drove through the drive through after I discovered the mistake, and the staff corrected the mistake and appologized.

    The drive through is super fast, and the occational mistake is understandable.

  3. cowman537 says:

    Had my first meal there since they changed the fries, it was an alright meal for fast food but found the Kiddie TV station that was playing just annoying

  4. Logan C. Adams says:

    Comments from the Facebook posting:

    Andy Heller | McDonalds-I like McDonalds, but I don’t eat there very often. I cook most of my food. I hardly eat out. Its been many, many months. I like McDonalds breakfast’s the best. Its a few years since I’ve had one. Maybe I’m due!

    Mari K Kesler | Im addicted to the sugar free vanilla ice coffees. So much so that when McDonalds was rebuilding we had to run to Fargo and Bismarck just to get our fix. Glad they are back up and running…

  5. honeybee says:

    I like McDonalds. My husband hates it. Actually, I like my fond memories of McDonalds, as it was a treat to go there as a child. It’s just never quite as good now as I remember. Admittedly, their fries are pretty darn good. However, I rarely eat there. I try to stay away from fast food if I can help it. I was surprised (read: disappointed) that so many of my friends were so upset when it was closed for remodel. They all went to re-opening day to get a burger. I mean, there are better burgers than McDonalds. Sad.

  6. Sarah says:

    I ordered a big mac from there half a year ago…..on the top patty it was coated with lots of hair, yuck! Haven’t been there since.