Images of the 2010 Runnin O’ the Green

All right everyone, here it is: my collection of bonus photos from this year’s Runnin O’ the Green. Yeah, it’s been more than a week since the run, but I was busy. OK, here we go.

First off, naturally, is the reason I was shooting the run. Pictured is Sun Chief Photographer John M. Steiner in all his glory.

But Steiner wasn’t the only Sun staffer in the run. Pictured here are two ladies who work in our front office who made it down the the hill, carefully. Reporters Ben Rodgers and Dave Griswold were also in the run, but I never saw them.

"Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. Oh, I’m gonna try with a little help with my friends."

This one makes me think "Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road."

There was a big patch of mud toward the bottom of the hill where every once in a while some poor soul would take a nasty spill. This girl was among the first.

This guy was laughing at the girl above after she fell. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

These two also fell in the mud and had a good laugh.

There were some fun pretend fights on the run. These ladies went at it with their jousting toys to show off for the cameras.

These guys just pretended to beat the hell out of each other.

There were also a fair number of snowball fights along the hill throughout the afternoon. I almost got nailed a time or two.

Just another crowd shot.

Oh, and did I mention there were a lot of runners who deliberately hammed it up for the cameras?

Most of the runners opted to walk down either side of the hill instead of running down the center, as you can see in this shot. There were the brave few, however, who sped down the hill risking all sorts of shame and injuries, like the following poor souls:

Like I said before, some people tried very hard to make it down the hill in one piece.

And there were, of course, some ridiculous costumes. There were two fellows wearing these green body suits as seen above.

And we couldn’t go without the crazy chicken man who leapt with joy as he tore down the hill.

This fellow slid down the hill on a green piece of cloth or plastic. I couldn’t tell what, exactly.

Or the famed superhero, IRISH BOY!

This fellow’s clothes are fairly normal, but his mode of transporation was fairly original.

If that guy ain’t blind, he sure knows how to play the part.

Mostly, though, it was just a fair number of green shirts. Some of them were funny.

Others made cultural references I still need to have explained to me. This runner asked me to take his picture, and I did.

This runner also hammed it up and asked me to take her photo. If you know this person, please let her know about the picture. I’m sure she’ll be happy.

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One Response to Images of the 2010 Runnin O’ the Green

  1. O'Knob says:

    I really enjoyed your photos. I do really enjoy the joy(can you spell,joy?) this event brings to so many people. Aint life grand?? Perhaps some of your 2011 photos could make it to me in time for the collag I put together for the next poster…Thank you…knobby