Sandbagging attempt No. 2

I sandbagged this morning at Wilson Arena. I think I was the only volunteer who showed up besides members of the Red Cross and the Jamestown Fire Department.

We filled about two pallets of bags in an hour and added them to the long line of pallets filled yesterday. Judging by the latest news, it’s possible the bags might never get used.

I should add that the students at Jamestown High School deserve serious kudos for their efforts. Jamestown Fire Chief Jim Reuther said they’ve been working their tails off over there.

I think it’s somewhat funny that all that work, however might be for nothing. But that would mean Jamestown avoids another nasty spring filled with sewer problems and people’s yards being torn up for dikes. So let’s all hope that hard labor was for nothing.

UPDATE: Stutsman County Emergency Manager Jerry Bergquist said sandbagging operations will stop at 6 p.m. today at both locations, so I’m glad I got some sandbagging done while I still could.

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