Flowers for Katie

Sun Reporter Katie Ryan got engaged last week, which led to a torrent of "you’re next" jokes at my expense. Katie herself has been the source of most, and she has even taking to browsing wedding ring store Web sites at work trying to find the right piece of shiny metal, and the right overpriced allotrope of carbon, for me to purchase so I can also get hitched.

Anyway, Katie’s godfather sent her flowers today to say congratulations. This is everyone else’s chance to say the same.

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3 Responses to Flowers for Katie

  1. Morgan b. says:

    Congratulations, may you too be as happy as Logan and I are, and I love the hints to Logan. Keep them coming, I can give you some websites if you need any ideas for pushing him in the right direction. Tee heee.

  2. Jon Miller says:

    Congratulations Katie! Sam and I wish you health and happiness in Love. Logan, get on the horse already.

  3. Leah says:

    Logan! Get on the ball buddy!! Don’t do what my future husband did and buy a ring then wait until it was paid off, and I knew he had it! Very Annoying! Congrats to Katie!!