See where the rivers are

With river levels rising in the area, you might want to keep tabs on how high the levels are getting. The National Weather Service has just the Web site for that.

The NWS keeps track of river levels at this Web site, where it features data from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service. Here is what their national map of river gages (that’s how they spell guage) looks like at 4 p.m. CDT:

The color of each dot indicates water levels. Green is perfectly safe, and purple is major flooding. You can see the hole spectrum of colors in their legend.  

You can click on a dot to see information from the corresponding guage, or click a space on the map to zoom in. The results from Jamestown’s gauge can be seen here plotted over the past few days (see any patterns?) Also, you can click links for gages located upstream or downstream, like LaMoure. Also, here’s how the Red River is doing in Fargo.

I should note I keep a link to the James River level page to the right under the "Blogs I Read" section.

But if it’s not enough to see what the water looks like on a graph, you can see the Red River in Fargo live courtesy of, which has set up a live Web cam, or "Flood Cam," in downtown Fargo to stream imagery of the river live. Watch it here.


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