Food Fight: Polar King

As promised, we’re starting our new group-restaurant-review series today. The eatery: Polar King.

This locally-owned restaurant in northeast Jamestown is known for its broasted chicken, desserts and its collection of stuffed polar bears. The first time I ate there, I failed to look up and notice that collection until I’d already ordered and sat down. I then looked up and was thoroughly surprised.

If you’ve ever eaten at Polar King, go ahead and write about it in the comments. Tell us about your most recent trip there and/or give a summary of all your times there. What are their best dishes? Their worst? How’s the service? The atmosphere? The prices?

There’s no minimum or maximum size for reader reviews, just say whatever you think should be said about Polar King. All viewpoints are welcome, whether you’re a sophisticated, obsessive foodie, a mainstream diner or a meat-and-potatoes person with a simple palate.

Also, click the "food fight" tag to see other crowdsourced reviews in this series, including the discussion on La Carreta we had last week.

Note: I have not received nor will I accept any compensation for choosing any restaurant in this series. If any restaurateurs out there want their joints to be put up for review, they should consider my "ask nicely" policy.

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11 Responses to Food Fight: Polar King

  1. Paula says:

    Love the food at Polar King but the bears in the restaurant are dirty! They’ve been there since I moved to Jamestown 20 some years ago! That’s a sanitary issue if you ask me. Also I’ve had other people tell me it is too cold when eating there, not comfortable. Great chicken though!

  2. Emma says:

    I love the sherbet at Polar King. I try to stop whenever I go through Jamestown. They always have a different flavor so it’s always a surprise.

  3. Amy says:

    The food at Polar King is good!! I love their cheeseburgers, chicken and mashed potatos. Also the coleslaw! However, it is quite pricey. We don’t eat there much because of the cost!

  4. PlayNice says:

    Thanks for bringing up the 1200 lbs. bear in the room, Paula. You are right about all those dusty bears hanging above people’s food. Why does the Health Dept give them a pass on that?

  5. moeyb says:

    i love the food there, especially the chicken although i do agree about the sanitation with the bears. I wonder if the health dept. has been called about that, and if so do they really care?

  6. Logan C. Adams says:

    These comments were left via The Sun’s page on Facebook. I copied and pasted them here.

    Andy Heller: The food there is fine. I don’t eat out very often, maybe every couple of months, but the last time I was there the food was fine.

    Dixie Supler: I love their shrimp burgers!!!

    Mari K Kesler: Im very fond of there deep fried cauliflower!!!

    Connie Cherney Hogan: Fond memories, my mom would make us eat there when we were young. This is twenty years ago, now when I am in North Dakota I bring my son there for a treat. Great Memories

  7. Logan C. Adams says:

    More comments from the Facebook page:


    Mary Lewis: Comfort food!

    Tammy Christmann Palluck: I used to work there! Best food, best atmosphere and best bosses ever!!! I only wish it could be closer to Fargo!!

  8. Drew Syverson says:

    The staff is great :) and the food is extraordinary

  9. Linda says:

    As a young child,(1962) whenever we came to Jamestown, it was a must to stop at the ‘Polar King’, which was owned by Deb Stroh’s Mom and Dad. Deb is now the current owner. It was located on the property east of the present day Dairy Queen, where the tire place is. It was a small building where you walked up to two small windows and gave your order. There was a huge ice cream cone outlined in neon on top of the small building. Great, great memories!! Bill and Iva were always so friendly to you, you always were served a friendly smile with what you ordered. Now that smile and friendly service is carried on by there daughter Deb, who is the present owner. Great food, great service, and great memories!!!!

  10. Tigger says:

    The food in Polar King is good but you almost have to take out a personal loan to eat there.

  11. Sarah says:

    I have to say that I absolutely love the strawberry butter sherbet! The prices can be labeled as ridiculous for the amount you get, and the bears and extra decoration could use w cleaning. Also, the coleslaw tends to have a lot of brown as if they just mix the new with old each time instead of getting rid of the old and using all new….