Google, Kansas? Yeah, You betcha!

I grew up an hour’s drive from a city known at the time as Topeka, Kan. That city, it seems, has changed its name to "Google, Kan.," in the hope of attracting ultra-high-speed Internet access from Google.

For those of you not familiar with the city, Topeka is only a bit smaller than the entire Fargo-Moorhead metro area, give or take a few ten-thousand people.

Now, Duluth, Minn., is one-upping them with this parody in which the "mayor" declares that all first-born Duluthians’ names be changed to "Google Fiber." I cannot get over this as I grew up near the first city and now work at a paper that is a part of the same company as Duluth’s newspaper and which often prints news from Duluth.

Here’s the video from Duluth:

Thanks, mom, for tipping me off to all this.

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