Shots from the Carrington gun show

Morgan and I drove up to Carrington, N.D., Saturday morning for the gun and deer show at the city’s armory building. I brought my checkbook, but I wasn’t dead-set on buying a firearm either. I really just wanted to look at some guns and get a feel for some of the ones I might want to buy some day.

There was a Winchester 1894 with a nice, brand-new barrel that I almost bought for $475, but the bent magazine tube made me decide it was too much of a risk. There was also a Marlin Model 336 in .30/30 that caught my attention, but it just didn’t feel right. I also spent some time with a few different shotguns, but still, no matches.

The only purchase I made at the show, other than lunch from the local Cub Scout pack, was a 3′ by 5′ Gadsden Flag.

I also brought my camera, and here are some pictures of some of my favorite guns from the day.

This beast, pictured above and below, is a modern, civilian model of John Moses Browning’s M1919 machine gun. It fires semi-automatically, though, so I don’t see why anyone would want this for actually shooting at something. The trigger looks too awkward to be moved back and forth for every single round, so I imagine that anyone who buys one of these is doing so for the looks.

This strange rifle here is the bullpup-designed P90. This personal defense weapon (somewhere between an assault rifle and a pistol) was featured heavily in this one television show I used to watch, so it was great to actually see one and pick it up.

This set of semiautomatic pistols with mother-of-pearl grips were the prettiest guns in the building, but I’d have no room for them in my gun case because they’re just too beautiful to shoot. I’d feel absolutely rotten about any bit of dirt that ever came near them, so they’d be useless to me. 

My girlfriend rather liked the patterns on the stocks of these two Ruger 10/22 rifles. While I would never buy one of these pink-stocked guns for myself, I wouldn’t rule one out as a gift some day.

We both loved this shirt.

This final picture has nothing to do with the gun show. We stopped at The Ice Cream Shoppe on the way out of town for a treat, and this was on display. We got a chuckle out of it.

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  1. Chambergal says:

    Glad you enjoyed your day in Carrington . . .you missed our Quilt Show though!

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