Bob Barker would be proud

Jennifer Barnard over at the James River Humane Society seems to really enjoy this blog’s ask nicely policy, because here’s another item she asked me to post.


Feb. 22-26 is Spay/Neuter Week. Please have your pets spayed or neutered.

Did you know spayed and neutered pets live longer, healthier lives and make for better pets? They are easier to train, less likely to bite and are less likely to roam or get into fights with other animals. Spaying and neutering saves lives too by preventing unwanted, unplanned births. These animals take homes away from pets already living, many orphaned in animal shelters across our nation.

Southwood Vet and Country Acres are participating in Spay/Netuer Week with the James River Humane Society. Both vets will have coupons available for a reduced rate to alter your pet.

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One Response to Bob Barker would be proud

  1. Jennie Barnard says:

    Thanks, again! :) JRHS appreciates all you do and thanks to Jessie Fuher who wrote up this fine information!